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Gang activity in cajola, quetzaltenango, guatemala. Drug gangs seize parts of northern guatemala world news. I have the complete documentary of aurora en gang aurora once aurora in hd by torrent, and i saw that many people here were interested in watching picking up the file. The two primary gangs in guatemala, barrio 18 and ms, terrorize businesses and private citizens through targeted extortion attempts. The staggering death toll follows the breakdown of a truce between powerful, rival gangs and the government. Gangs clash in guatemalan jails hospitals say they are struggling to cope with the number of injured at least 30 prisoners have been killed and more than 50 have been injured during battles between rival gangs in several prisons in guatemala. Among these are the departments of escuintla, zacapa, and chiquimula. Guatemalans arent just fleeing gangs the media narrative misses what life there is really like. In this documentary, filmmaker abner benaim takes audiences back in. Guatemala makes christmas push against gangs world news. The two largest gangs in guatemala are mara salvatrucha ms and the barrio 18 18th street gang. Lynch mobs and death squads are now commonplace, as.

Youth in guatemala are the largest segment of the nations population. Youth gangs are far from a new phenomenon in guatemala. Guatemala has inspired films ranging from chronicles of the violent to depictions of the wonders and struggles of the mayan people. The ms gang, aka mara salvatrucha, is one of the most violently. One of the deadliest gangs in central america, the maras, come face to face with citizen militia in this doc. Waste of time, this documentary crew obviously just traveled to a shtty area and. Which way home is a feature documentary film that follows unaccompanied child migrants, on their journey through mexico, as they try to reach the united states. Drug sales, and street taxation extortion, help fuel the conflict between well established gangs. These public transport attacks, once seen as peripheral drug. The fbi has been waging a major war on this gang since the 1990s in an attempt to root out their influence in all kinds of illegal activity. The cicig is an independent body mandated to assist the government of guatemala in investigating and dismantling violent criminal organizations. Gangs 2014 code of conduct mexican mafia full history documentary films documentaries channel the mexican mafia spanish. Documentary film, final cut for real and docwest, denmark. In 21stcentury guatemala transnational gangs or maras have become erstwhile.

As we do our best to continue a longstanding top 10 tradition, we see that the pirate bay is the favorite among. Mara groups the ms and barrio 18 seek to control penitentiaries, at times leading to clashes with cholos. Escaping guatemalas gangs violence in guatemala has become endemic in recent years, with murder rates higher than during the countrys 36year civil war, when an estimated 300,000 people were killed. The killers left a note on a wall to the ranch owner, a suspected rival trafficker, written in the victims blood. Guatemala makes christmas push against gangs we dont know who they are, but the rumor is that theyre mexican drug cartels. The problem of gang violence is of particular concern to guatemalas future since it impacts a critical segment of the population the youth. Wikimedia commons has media related to crime in guatemala. Gangs within guatemala s prisons are known as cholos, while common criminals are referred to as paisas.

However, since 2006, local guatemalan gangs have murdered roughly a thousand drivers and farecollectors for not paying the demanded. Guatemalans arent just fleeing gangs the new republic. Unreported world, channel 4 filmed, produced directed by sam. This is exactly as guatemala was when i lived there in the mid2000s when oscar berger was president. As alma narrates the six years she spent as a member of one of guatemala citys most violent gangs. Slum dwellers armed with shotguns have taken to guatemalas streets to hand vigilante justice to youth gangs as voters sick of crime increasingly back a hardline exgenerals run for president. In 1846, as waves of irish immigrants poured into the new. Youth includes individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 over half of the population is under 19 years old in 2011, the highest proportion of young people of any country in latin america. Whether you want a full history lesson on guatemalan politics or prefer a. An estimated 15% of all gang members in guatemala belong to the 18th street gang. Here are some of the best guatemalan documentaries you can find.

The guatemalan daily siglo veintiuno counted at least 1,966 killings in guatemala from july 2004 to july 2005. Filmmaker greg brosnan, working for channel 4 news, gains access to investigators hunting a guatemalan drug gang as international editor lindsey. One of the deadliest gangs in central america, the maras, come face to face with citizen. Together their members make up 95% of the total number of gang members in the country. Young blood is due to air on channel five on monday. The violent rise of gangland power in new york city at a time of massive political corruption and the citys evolution into a cultural melting pot set the stage for this lavish historical epic, which director martin scorsese finally brought to the screen almost 30 years after he first began to plan the project. A unique documentary is promising to give an insight into the chilling life of british gangs. Honduras and guatemala, the gang is the perennial focus of law enforcement and. At least 10,000 women were victims of sexual violence last year. The clearly coordinated attacks point to the possibility of. Guatemala slowly confronts widespread rape of women. Members of these gangs are recruited from as young as 8 years old. Gangs in prison documentary hd national geographic crime.

These street gangs also use the prison system to organize, train members, and run their networks. Watching this makes me wonder what became of these young peoplewere they allowed to achieve their dreams, or did they get caught up in the. Fleeing gangs, central american families surge toward u. Gangs of guatemala produce children of violence youtube. You can find more of our films below, and remember to subscribe to stay up to date. Growing up amid violence in guatemala city feature shoot. Guatemala s army takes on mexican drug gang duration.

The health, education, and work opportunities for young people differ by ethnicity ladino or indigenous and social class. J ournalist rolando santis was en route to the tv station telecentro after covering a bus drivers murder in guatemala city, guatemala, where the level of violence had been rising for months. Gangs, drugs fuel violence in guatemala by arthur brice, cnn an armed and hooded man stands guard to prevent an attack by the. Other states, particularly along the eastern border have the highest homicide rates. Extortion is incredibly common and effects all sectors of society with public bus and taxi drivers being the easiest and most common victims. There are approximately 200 separate individual autonomous gangs operating under the same label within separate barrios in the san fernando valley, the san. A city of cocaine, hitmen and gang wars perus modern narcos pt. Criminal gangs in guatemala drive many to flee voa news. Levenson examines transformations in the guatemalan gangs called maras from their emergence in the 1980s to the early 2000s. By the mid1980s, a range of guatemalan gangs had already emerged on the scene, but gang violence was low, and, in any case, virtually invisible next to the wider milieu of state and paramilitary.

These people were murdered, by the guatemalan state, often with. Armed gangs were targeting bus drivers with the deadly bargain of extortion or retribution and it now had reached a fever pitch. Its been widely reported that guatemala is one of latin america s most violent places. The 18 th street gang goes by other nicknames like the barrio 18 or the m18 and it is a huge youth gang in the united states, central american and even canada. This category has the following 11 subcategories, out of 11 total. They set up new gangs in guatemala and other central american countries, which have now evolved into their own particular strains, though many have maintained strong links to gangs in the united states. What are the mostvisited and working torrent sites at the start of 2020. Guatemala city and some of its surrounding municipalities have the greatest sheer number of homicides. Criminal gangs in guatemala drive many to flee youtube. In guatemala, drug trafficking, gang violence, and a climate of impunity lead to widespread rape of women. Maras and gangs, community and police in central america sida. Bloodshed in guatemala as cartels and street gangs wage. Watch gangs in prison documentary hd national geographic crime documentary billyjones2k14 on dailymotion.

Private assassins target gangs in guatemala some guatemalans say theyve had enough of corrupt police and brutal extortions by gangs. But more and more its become increasingly clear how often children are part of that violence. The past year has been a turbulent one for guatemala. Some have traced it to a 1954 charlton heston movie the naked. Sources cite the history of conflict in guatemala as rendering communities accustomed to violence today, and the extension of incompetent or corrupt state institutions facilitates the impunity associated with such.

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