Freak the mighty book report ideas for high school students

Sep 05, 20 sep 5, 20 freak the mighty, author answers questions stay safe and healthy. Freak the mighty, author answers questions with images. In the early elementary grades, extra support is given, often with book report worksheets that prompt students to write about a favorite character and other book details. High school students write childrens books washington times. Freak the mighty my opinion that this book was a little sad because kevin also known as freak had a disease that made him stop growing at three feet so he had to wear metal leg braces and crutches. The teacher will give the students a freak the mighty anticipation guide. These ideas have been used in my classroom and have been a nice change of pace for the kids.

The book freak the mighty is placed in the present day. This is an example of a glogster activity freak the. He recalls freak bursting into the nursery school like he owns the place. For this project, students will create a coat of arms for a character in the book. That reading project can be a real drag on your timebut dont despair. If the book is rich in setting, then asking them to illustrate where the story takes place can also be revealing. Download a free sample from freak the mighty book unit. Simply novel publishingmiddle school teaching ideas freak the mighty escape room novel activity. My son first and he loved the story and later watched the film. Book report ideas 20 ways of looking at the book these activities address multiple intelligences and a range of student ability levels. Freak the mighty, his first novel for young readers was inspired by a boy who lived a few blocks from his home.

Vocabulary teaching with freak the mighty is a great way to start the school year for the purpose of establishing a vocabulary development practice to use throughout the year. There is a section matching characters to their definitions, short answers, comparingcontrasting the movie to the book, and choices for answering two essay questions. Keep in mind, this subreddit is not designed for plagiarism. Chapter seven of freak the mighty leaves kevin and max walking high. See more ideas about freak the mighty, 6th grade ela and teaching. They can be used to lead up to a large final project or even the comprehension test at the end of the novel. At the hospital, freak gives max a blank book and tells him to fill it with their adventures. While it might seem like a simple assignment, a book report can take numerous forms to fulfill high school english goals, such as reading and responding to. The story is told in firstperson narrative, with max as the narrator. Book report templates are going to vary from high school to middle school. If youre looking for a freak the mighty activity that combines creativity and rigor, then youll love this end of the book project. The freak the mighty chapter summaries chapter of this freak the mighty study guide. A book report is an objective essay that informs readers of the story, characters and ideas of a particular title. This unit plan launches with some disability awareness.

I usually read the first chapter aloud in class, and then let students finish the book on their own. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. These projects help middle school students learn more about the characters in the. Freak the mighty by rodman philbrick is an exceptional book. Freak the mighty book report 1st step naturally, first of all you should. She loved the book and read through it in a couple of sittings.

Critique from the point of view of a specific organization. Encourage students interested in medicine and technology to research and report on the. Students then react to the quotes in a positive way using humor or compassion. Take a look at these nine ideas ways to light your creative spark and burn through that project in no time. This chapter uses simple and fun videos that are about five minutes long, plus. Whether youre lacking inspiration, a bit overwhelmed or are just short on ideas, were here to help.

My only disappointment is it is advertised as meeting the new ccss. It has everything you need to teach and assess this novel including chapter questions, readers theatre roles, quizzes, tests, and much more see more ideas about freak the mighty, teaching and literature. Freak the mighty by rodman philbrick final project choices due. There are ways to finish your project that will show your enthusiasm and make your teacher sit up and take notice. These mini projects relate to the content of the book a. Writing a book report is a common activity students are required to go through today. In the tenth chapter of the rodman philbrick novel, freak the mighty, kevin thinks of another adventure. Freak the mighty book report by maddie campbell on prezi. Read chapter 1 and write descriptions character profiles of maxwell and kevin freak using the information provided. Max spends the next year alone and majorly depressed. Jun 9, 2017 a mighty teaching unit for rodman philbricks young adult novel freak the mighty. Fifty alternatives to the book report teaching ideas william. See more ideas about freak the mighty, teaching reading and book study.

These projects help middle school students learn more about the characters in the story in. This lesson will take a look at what happens on this adventure. How do you think students in your school would treat max and kevin. His head is normal sized but his body is small and twisted beneath him. Its a doodle poster and set of 12 freak the mighty task cards. The book report activity is meant to polish up the analyzing and creative senses in students and hence a must done.

Freak the mighty book report by jacob stuart on prezi. Write a front page news story or a live report from a scene in the novel 250. Forms for writing a book report for high school pen and. Freak the mighty was named an ala best book for young adults, a judy lopez memorial award honor book, and an ala quick pick. It is no wonder when he finds out what came down the chimney in chapter 15 of freak the mighty. Freak the mighty is a novel filled with action, adventure, and coming of age themes that your middle school students are sure to enjoy. Students draw scenes from a selected part of the bookperhaps a scene that represents the beginning, middle and end if youre working on understanding chronology. This teaching guide will lead students to explore the theme of courage, practice. Everything you need for a novel study on freak the mighty by rodman philbrick. See, when he was little, he would kick all the other kids in daycare. Engage your students with these middle school junior high book reports. The primary characters are friends maxwell kane, a large, very slow, but kindhearted boy, and kevin avery, nicknamed freak, who is physically handicapped but very intelligent.

Freak the mighty book report academic writing services blog. See more ideas about freak the mighty, teaching and literature. On one side of the cover, come up with 10 song titles that represent characters, events, or settings in the book. Reading is one thing but the ability to summarize and analyze information is totally different. Freak the mighty is a very easy book for high school students to read, so i offer it as athome reading or as part of literature circles. They still talk the same and wear the same clothes as we do today. Both of my children have read this book in the 5gh grade. Grims worst nightmare comes to life when killer kane sneaks into maxs room in the middle of the night and takes him captive in chapter sixteen of the rodman philbrick novel, freak the mighty.

Draw and color the book cover, and place the book award ribbon on the cover. Guide them to use evidence from the book to support their ideas. This has been my go to for supplemental informationworksheet activities while reading freak the mighty with my middle school students. Book report 101 complete book report guide time4writing. Freak the mighty is a tear jerking story about two total opposites that become best friends. The story of freak the mighty begins with max looking back on his friendship with kevin, or as max affectionately refers to him as, freak. These relate to the beginning and middle of the book. Before reading the novel freak the mighty, this activity will get students thinking about and discussing and maybe even. Freak the mighty by rodman philbrick is the story of a friendship between a. This time i want to offer you several ideas for writing your freak the mighty book report freak the mighty by rodman philbrick, published in 1993.

Post old assignments to help out your peers, or find some to help yourself. One can read a lot of books but still be unable to develop a good book report due to the lack of knowledge of what it should look like. Make a childrens book about the experiences max and kevin had in freak the mighty. In this freak the mighty improving your character worksheet, students read several quotes that contain harsh and bullylike comments from the novel.

Antagonist minor characters conflict the antagonist in this book is maxs dad, kenny kane killer kane. The book is very good, the action really ramps up toward the end leading to a sad but satisfying ending. Ask students to answer the questions and provide their opinion. Please keep in mind that only projects done with effort and creativity will earn full credit. It is telling you that every book you read there should be a move going through your head. Also in the beginning max was a bully because in the beginning of the story max was called kicker because whoever touched him max will hurt that. There are many ways that you can use these resources. Often time students and teachers tire of the basic read the chapter and answer the questions material that goes along. Oct 15, 2010 10 reasons to read freak the mighty to your junior high students by nick published october 15, 2010 updated september 30, 2016 i love the book freak the mighty by rodman philbrick, and i think reading it aloud to 8th graders in september is the perfect way to start the year. I can relate this book to my life especially last year, specifically my presidency of my school. In chapter twelve of the rodman philbrick novel, freak the mighty, school is. By the end of the classic freak the mighty, your students will hopefully have a freakuh, kevinesque thirst for knowledge. By the time max enters eighth grade, he is the size of a fullgrown man. This is a test that i made over freak the mighty for my high school resource room english class.

These freak the mighty cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about the characters and plot developments of the book. They also talk the same slang and the plot of the story is realistic. Students use a variety of reading and writing strategies as they read rodman. Check out these great teaching ideas for freak the mighty including free book unit samples. There was a part in the book that said every word is part of a picture and every sentence is a picture. Rodman philbrick writing styles in freak the mighty. Report this resource to let us know if this resource violates tpts content guidelines. This study guide consists of approximately 37 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of freak the mighty. Freak the mighty novel study literature guide flip book by. Freak the mighty an extensive list of student projects to support the novel. Freak is in the middle of shouting orders when he sees max. The overwhelming majority of high school students go on to college these days, and they need to be prepared for the demands of college writing in all of its complexity. After finding out about freak s personal dictionary, have students begin their own personal dictionaries. See more ideas about freak the mighty, novel studies, freak the mighty book.

Read chapter 7, walking high above the world annotating in a. However, kenny tricked the judge into thinking he was innocent. Youll find a variety of ideas ranging from essaybased projects to artistic projects to technology. Before max can get any answers, freak has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. You can copy as an entire packet or you can copy pages individually. There are three sets of three project choices that the students can choose from. May 02, 2015 a group of george rogers clark high school students visited conkwright elementary school kindergarteners in winchester recently to read books written and printed as part of their creative writing.

Challenge students to become book bloggers by responding to the following prompts about freak the mighty. Rodman philbrick lesson plans for freak the mighty freak the mighty reading strategies and activities, including an anticipation guide, an approach to vocabulary, and a photographic narrative writing task. Evaluate how fic onal characters are developed through major plot events and their. How to play and assembly instructions are included. Test prep middle school and high school students reading test, close reading. Study questions, project ideas and discussion topics based on important themes running throughout freak the mighty by rodman philbrick. So, take a close look at the steps presented below that will help you write your freak the mighty book report. These middle school junior high book reports are great for any classroom. The expectations for high school students are going to be higher when it comes to book report templates. He has cleared his shelves of many books he has read over the years but kept this one and when my daughter had a book report to do this year, he lent it to her. Middle school junior high book reports page 1 abcteach. Apr 14, 2020 this is a complete literature guide novel study teaching unit for freak the mighty that is common core aligned. Make your reading project sizzle with these hot ideas.

Freak the mighty summary, discussion questions, activities. Students could design a tattoo for a character and then write an essay explaining or justifying their choices. Kenny went to jail after trying to murder maxs mom. Then one day, he takes out the blank book freak gave him, and he starts writing.

Freak the mighty by rodman philbrick final project choices. Great persuasive essay titles 2017 easy argumentative essay topics for college students letterpile 2017 essay on terrorism and bomb blast for students, college paper argument persuasive essay topic ideas extended essay questions for english free issues of terrorism essay mightystudents com is a blessing for those freak the mighty. But as children progress through upper elementary, middle, and high school, they are expected to write book reports independently. Maxwell kane is a physically intimidating boy who struggles with reading and anger issues that stem from his mothers death at the hands of his father. One thing for certain, however, is that students want to discuss the book, so be sure to allow class time. On the back of the book cover, explain why you are giving the award to the book. Great supplemental information for school essays and projects. Max doesnt understand why freak wouldnt be able to go to school. See more ideas about freak the mighty, novel studies, teaching. Students respond to four different types of task cards on the freak the mighty doodle poster. April 28, 2015 april 29, 2015 below you will find all of the requirements for the final project for freak the mighty. When i was starting off high school i had a friend aziz, who was the class president at the time, i was always in his shadow. Max first encounters freak when they are both in preschool.

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