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Albert hofmann frases, pensamentos e citacoes kd frases. Especial 100 aniversario albert hofmann varios autores. Its very, very dangerous to lose contact with living nature. Albert hoffmann frases, poemas e mensagens no pensador. Join facebook to connect with albert hofmann and others you may know. As a path to the perception of a deeper, comprehensive reality, in which the experiencing individual is also sheltered, meditation, in its different forms, occupies a prominent place today. Albert hofmann, who died in 2008 aged 102, first synthesized lysergic acid diethylamide lsd in 1938, but the results of animal tests. Of greatest significance to me has been the insight that i attained as a fundamental understanding from all of my lsd experiments. Hofmann schreef diverse boeken over lsd, waaronder het in 1979 gepubliceerde lsd. Albert hofmann frases, citacoes, mensagens e pensamentos. Deliberate provocation of mystical experience, particularly by lsd and related hallucinogens, in contrast to spontaneous visionary experiences, entails dangers that must not be underestimated. For some reason, no one gives any props to albert hofmanns accidental discovery. It is a trick to make a colored world, which does not exist outside of human beings.

The characteristic property of hallucinogens, to suspend the boundaries between the experiencing self and the outer world in an ecstatic, emotional experience, makes it posible with their help, and after suitable internal and external perparation, to evoke a mystical experience according to plan, so to speak. Albert hoffman chill, have a nice trip, go ride, acid trip, psychedelic. Albert hoffman 1e eeuw, gek, blijf kalm, frases, bier poster, afspraakjes. Example isnt another way to teach, it is the only way to teach. Enjoy wth us the best of tessa young quotes, on famous quote at tessaquotes, quotations by tessa young quotes, share with your friends on the web. He didnt succeed, but accidentally absorbed some of the product through his fingers.

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