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No study of vedanta is considered complete without a close examination of the prasthana traya, the texts that stand as the three starting points. Awsome bookif one want deep advaita than this is a gem. The brahma sutra is the third of the canonical texts and is regarded a. Vedanta explained 2 volumes shankaracharyas commentary. The vedanta sutras also known as the brahma sutra, a collection of 555 aphorisms aimed at summarizing the philosophical teachings of the upanishads, were written by badarayana in the 1st century bc. A well written contemporary commentary on the vedanta sutras by a lifelong. The brahma sutras along with the upanishads and the bhagavad gita form the triple canons of vedanta prasthana traya. The best commentary for these were written by adi sankara, the 7th century saint philosopher of india. Commentary on the vedanta sutras brahmasutrabhashya. The brahma sutras with the commentary of sankaracharya. Buy brahma sutras according to sri ramanuja book jackets may. Volumes have been written, commentaries have been written, and commentaries on commentaries, and a third commentary on the second and the first. Brahma sutra bhasya of shankaracharya sankaracarya, translated by swami gambhirananda on. The brahma sutras or brahmasuthra are attributed to badarayana.

Swami vireswarananda has placed notes based on sankaras commentary and this makes it an easy read and so i recommend this book highly. The brahma sutras, also known as vedanta sutras, constitute the nyaya prasthana, the logical starting point of the vedanta philosophy nyaya logicorder. Brahma sutras project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks. The vedantasutras with the commentary by sankaracarya by. The author has been able to do so because, in the first place, he has kept himself very close to the meaning and spirit of the interpretation of the sutras as done by the great acarya, and secondly, because he could adopt the mystical viewpoint. The vedantasutras with the commentary by sankaracarya by sankaracarya and thibaut. See all 3 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Buy brahma sutra bhasya book online at low prices in india. The brahma sutras use logic to discuss and prove the concept of brahman and advaita vedanta. Commentators write pages after pages in explaining the meaning of one sutra only, athato brahma jijnasa. Eight upanishads, with the commentary of sankara, vol. I have no intention, however, of ordering it as the product details show it as containing only 108 pages and the brahma sutras, certainly when it includes shankaras commentary, is a very long book that can run to almost pages in some editions. Book recommendations, author interviews, editors picks, and more. Several commentaries on the brahma sutras are lost to history or yet to be found.

The vedanta sutras with the commentary by sri madhvacharyaa complete english translation by s. These two volumes depict a scholarly, authentic and faithful translation of the commentary of sri sankaracarya on the brahma sutras. With text, wordforword translation, english rendering, comments according to the commentary of sri sankara and index reprint by vireswarananda isbn. These aphorisms are very brief and cryptic and cannot be understood without a commentary. The brahma sutra makes a statement brahman is to be known.

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